The fear. The constant fear. Fear of dying. Fear of living. Fear of letting go. Fear of holding on. Forcing stasis on the humans as they try to negotiate the winding path from cradle to grave.

This puissant tension is a poison. You feel that it walks you from moment to moment. You feel that it makes you alive. All it really does is transfer focus from the unknown to the known. Shying from the fear, it’s roots dig deeper into your hearts. It poisons your reality. As you know that your sense of achievement is false, you know that your sense of self is false.

So your ego becomes a poison. Your ego is tension. Transfering focus from the unknown to the known. You believe that you, your self, are that poison.

So you loathe your self. You feel that you have stolen something from your self. Something important. Something precious. Something unknown. Out there in the dark.

Treasures in the dark.


Ldy GRZNLS / 508.

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Vocalist, lyricist, frontman of Septekh

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