Official Thanks

Septekh and Studio 508 Productions wishes to officially thank:

Richard Jarnhed our grand director.

Rasmus Tirzitis for some truly skilled editing.

Erik Nordlund for his skill with the camera and colors and Anton Holm for keeping up with this mad man as first assistant.

Aimar Andre Bergan for being our Gaffer and Radovan Gazibaric for being a most excellent electrician.

Max Lachmann for his outstanding work sound designing the whole shebang.

Richard Blom for adding the CGI just right.
Lina Nyberg for her (even more than usual) extraordinary SFX, make up and costume efforts

Mr Irving Force for his masterful intro theme.

Mr Anders “Baloo” Irenius had a fun time trying to teach the old geezers in the band and the key cast some stunt moves. So did they, I assure you.

Johan Ögren for drawing us the splendid Superheated Title.

And of course our wonderful cast:

Erik Bolin as the Grabenkämpfe “New Blood” Muscle

Linus Olander as the ressurected Flammenwerfer.

Martin Markelius as the ressurected Grabenkämpfe Brutal (the guy hwo got his face split by Staffans splash cymbal in the last one).

Jonas Majors as the Barkeeper.

Nelly Istomina as the suffering-from-loss-of-emotional-control waitress

Peder Evensen Haugholt as the Chainsaw Chef

Anton Gillberg Bolin as the unbothered Busboy

Malva Espmark was an utter success as Little Red Shoes

Leif Wedin did a great job dubbing David Wikström in the intro.

And all of the wonderful bar brawlers:

Richard Erdin

Anders Mähl

Pontus Björkholm

Jimmy Ahlén

Carl Lans

Beatrice Lehtilä

Philipp Rose

Ola Lindberg

Adam Skog

Oskar Henrikson

We would also like to thank Janne Jensen for lending us his beautiful Custom Chopper (which he built himself btw) and Johannes Olsson for his ravishing El Camino. Off course Markku Sululampi for providing his fabulous orange Camaro on set and Richard Erdin for giving us the use of his awesomely rugged Cadillac for the thugs.

Kamil “CamKam” Janowski was our Unit Still Photographer and for that we are eternally thankful.

All of the guys’n gals from the Southern Streeters car club, Södertälje deserves a big hand for providing the perfect setting for this little stunt.

The bass on the Burn It To The Ground lounge version at the end was played by Victor “Vega” Janson.

And off course to Alwa Öhman Färlin, Anna Espmark, Järna Stenugnsbageri AB, Smedjan Järna AB and Järna Värdshus AB for their assistans in our endeavours.

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