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You’ve got another thing comin’

Oh well, a r’n’r band road is often a hard one. Just surviving against all odds, you know. And by surviving, I mean living by its very essence: creating, playing, forward-thinking. You probably know the score.

That’s such a common situation, no big news here. Except that Septekh is Septekh, and that it has a Plan. Oh yeah, they initiated me to its arcana but to be honest I probably only get half of it. It’s beyond me. It’s actually beyond them too. The Plan has plans of and for itself – we just try and keep the pace. Tempo, it’s all a matter of tempo.

Now, I try and keep the metronome happy. As it happens, the BPMs are increasing right now. We’re still not sure exactly how, but those things which were in the making are not in the making anymore: they’re happening. I mean, new bursts of creativity to be unleashed. Unleashing them is the key thing. And if you thought we’d leave that to the chance, you’ve got another thingk coming.

Be patient Septekhians. Be with us. Yield yourselves to the Plan.

Daddy Two-Hats. Management, silly headwear, and everything in-between – courtesy of The Staff.

New live video

Here’s to you Septekhians!

For your eyes and ears to experience, we bring you a live rendering of “Saving Graces”, as captured in May 2016 at Copperfields (Stockholm, SE). Spread the dark gospel and Give yourself to the Plan!

– The Staff

Change of personnel

Picture by Kamil CamKam Janowski -

Picture by kjanowski Photography –

We hereby make transmission of a statement from the band, as a new session member enters while original bass player bids farewell:

“As many of you who have been at at our shows the last year might have noticed, Patrik Ström is no longer playing with us. The decision to leave was actually made quite a long time ago and both parties are in full agreement. Patrik will always remain a close friend and a source of inspiration for the band. Having been there since the very start of things we want to send him a heartfelt thank you for all the good times and wish him nothing but the best in his new endeavors.

The fine gentleman Victor Janson is stepping in to handle the bass as a session member for all live situations. Those of you who have seen him already know that he is more than capable for the job. He headed the call when we needed it the most and for that we are very grateful.

Whether Septekh will remain a three piece is yet to be seen. If you are interested and think you have something to contribute, feel free to send an e-mail to Loïc (Musica Diaboli Management):

All the best!

– David, Nils and Staffan”

Endorsement: Artbeat

We’re delighted to announce that Staffan is now a merry Artbeat drumsticks endorser! Here’s what our drummer boy has to say about it:

I’m really happy to be an endorser of Artbeat sticks! Proud to join the family of fellow drummers as I’ve been a believer in the brand ever since I tried them two years ago. Let the skinpounding begin!

You can shop for Artbeat’s awesome stuff here, as well as give’em a like on Facebook.

– The Staff

Forging ahead while grateful for the past

After a short interruption, all of Septekh‘s releases are now available in the same one place on Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, and all other relevant streaming and download platforms.

Forging ahead while being much grateful for the past, Septekh has indeed parted ways with Abyss Records. Here’s what the combo has to say about it:

The band would like to extend at big thank you to Mr. Dan Ferguson at Abyss Records for believing in us all these years. He was the one that got us to get our shit together to produce our first releases back in 2009. The rerelease of those EPs on our own label, Studio 508 Productions, marks a continuance of what he, through his faith in our music, helped create. In this context we’d also like to give a loud shout out to Mr. Mike McCoy at The Metal Detector Music Promotions for tenaciously spreading the gospel of the Dark Island. If we ever meet you guys in a bar somewhere there will be Champagne!”

You will still of course be able to get the band’s CDs, shirts and patches from Abyss Records, which we highly recommend.

Besides, we’re delighted to announce that there’s fresh new material in the pipeline, as you might know already. The future has never looked so promising – stay tuned!

– The Staff

In the grip of unyielding ice!

After spending some time with the band at the 508 I can report that conditions out there are not what you’d call humane. Water’s frozen, firewood is running out and coffee supply is dwindling (still good on the sherry though). Our protagonists are currently doing technical updates while fending off various predatory beasts of the frozen tundra and researching the lyrics for what I’m told is to be their “most sinister and brilliant work to date” and a “worthy and diabolical first step in the implementation of the Plan”. All the while the word is spreading through the mysterious arts of our new co conspirators at Musica Diaboli.

Here’s a couple more songs from the Plan For World Domination album to cheer you up. Black Shores and The Man Who Died A Million Times (right click to download mp3). Not 100% sure but I’m betting the Lady GRZNLS will have something cryptic to say about those pieces in the next couple o days.


the staff

All Hail the Dark Island Beast – The Staff

Worldwide management deal

We’re very excited to announce that the band has inked an exclusive worldwide management deal with Musica Diaboli Management. Here’s what our protagonists have to say about it:

This is a partnership that sprung from mutual friendships and a shared strong passion for music. It is said that music is like magic. And for us the greatest mystery has been the administrative aspects of this dark sorcery. What Musica Diaboli brings in terms of experience, competence and heart makes us really excited about where we and our music will go next.

The band is now ready to take it to the next step. Accomplishments and merrymakings are in the pipeline, stay tuned!


– The Staff