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Note on the Power of the eye.

I rise early these days. Call it growing old.

Kitchen clock is ticking. The deep yellows and reds and evergreens of the landscape outside is barely visible through the morning fog. I sip my coffee. A grown man learning new things. Currently enjoying shutting the fuck up and listening to time vaning and the quiet russling and grunts of feral pigs eating apples under the trees in front of the 508.

The Dark Island is a lonely place. Especially so in the season of dying that is northern hemisphere October. That is exactly why I make a point of not leaving this place if I don’t have a specific reason. Also why I don’t really like people to come all the way out here unless THEY have a specific, preferably pre-stated, reason for visiting.

Herr K Janowski can come whenever he likes. His eyes are reason enough.

He arrives at this sanctuary like a talkative gust of wind, have us running around the premises like a pack of schoolboys and leaves two frantic hours later with 96 of the best shots we’ve ever done.

I am painfully aware that we don’t ourselves have the capacity to invent and produce representations of what we are, accurate enough to make the Plan comunicable. Being a megalomaniac and a control freak, this is perhaps my greatest disappointment. The only way to ease that pain is to work with gifted people like Janowski. Moja miłość.






New live video

Here’s to you Septekhians!

For your eyes and ears to experience, we bring you a live rendering of “Saving Graces”, as captured in May 2016 at Copperfields (Stockholm, SE). Spread the dark gospel and Give yourself to the Plan!

– The Staff

Change of personnel

Picture by Kamil CamKam Janowski -

Picture by kjanowski Photography –

We hereby make transmission of a statement from the band, as a new session member enters while original bass player bids farewell:

“As many of you who have been at at our shows the last year might have noticed, Patrik Ström is no longer playing with us. The decision to leave was actually made quite a long time ago and both parties are in full agreement. Patrik will always remain a close friend and a source of inspiration for the band. Having been there since the very start of things we want to send him a heartfelt thank you for all the good times and wish him nothing but the best in his new endeavors.

The fine gentleman Victor Janson is stepping in to handle the bass as a session member for all live situations. Those of you who have seen him already know that he is more than capable for the job. He headed the call when we needed it the most and for that we are very grateful.

Whether Septekh will remain a three piece is yet to be seen. If you are interested and think you have something to contribute, feel free to send an e-mail to Loïc (Musica Diaboli Management):

All the best!

– David, Nils and Staffan”