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Imperceptible transition



Days and nights… They’re all the same. Up! Down! Right! Left!

All the same. The sun becomes the moon becomes the sun becomes the moon becomes the sun becomes the moon becomes the sun. Nothing maters. There is only the road, the mark, trajectory. The plan.


Välkommen till 508 motherfukkersIMG_6393


July – Aug at the 508


A double download to celebrate the beginning of the end of summer.

For July and August we give you Don Asshole & Left Handed Man (links now void).

As per your request here is an unsanctioned report on whats going on at the 508:

The band has begun pre-production of a new full length release. I can´t get an approximate release date or any details whatsoever since being an obstinate recluse (read asshole) seems to be part of their “process”. But I can tell from the tired, caustic smiles on their faces that whatever is happening out there is in coherence with the Plan. A fatigue is over them as of late. These past few months have obviously been a struggle up hill for them as well as for us on the team being kept in the dark. Now there is talk of a “reward” and “treasures in the dark”. I for one, though tired of the constant enigmatics, can’t help but get excited to get a peak at what’s going on.


Give yourself to the Plan!

the staff

– The Staff