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The King

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is not king.
He is anathema, pariah, outcast. Unbelieved, unwanted, unclaimed, unused.

In fact he may not know himself to be one eyed at all.

In the land of the blind the king is blind.
I am not the king in your land.
The pig is not blind.


How the Grace thing works

Right in-between a good, productive decition and a really, really bad one there is a state of grace. Productivity is hard work. Destructivity is just all fun and games. Hovering between the two, edging back and forth, never settling for one or the other. That’s Grace.

From the perspective of the lunatic bystander: Observing in the throng an individual capable of maintaining this state of dynamic, disharmonious flux, of living in the paradox, one finds an equal. Not another victim. One observes their Graces. And it saves them.

(Pic by Erik Nordlund. Screen shot from up-coming video for Superheated Liquid Iron Core)

I am the pig!

All hail ME!

Saving Graces for the month of May.

Hello again!

For the month of may we at the Septekh administrative Staff give all of you the following mp3 for your enjoyment. “Saving Graces” (link now void).

I happen to know that the song had the working title “King Chromosome”. A name the old geezers in the band are keeping for a special future project. In the end however the lyrics of the song was totally rewritten and the King had to make way for his subjects, the Freaks and their perceptions of the masses.

All hail Septekh!

the staff

Best regards – The Staff