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Video for Superheated Liquid Iron Core

I am permitted to inform the public that a music video for the song “Superheated Iron Core” is currently in postproduction. Below (pic by photographer Kamil Janowski) we see director Richard Jarnhed trying to remain focused in the creative chaos of another Studio 508 Production. Release date and complete credits will be posted in this forum on a later date.

All hail the great pig!

the staff

Courteously – The Staff



Something From Nothing Pt II; Going Down


Parched. Not forgotten but disregarded. Studiously overlooked. Dying. Thats when the flowering happens. When precious moisture and nourichment is furthest away.

Outside spring is coming. Chill and threateningly bright. In the kitchen of the 508 the windowsill is a desert. Man made desert. Controled. Manufactured. Owned.

I am cactae. I made this ledge where I’m standing. A flowering is comeing. A death. I’m going down. We’re all going down. But like the cactus I’m doing it in style.

Track no 2 April

These past weeks have been hectic at the Studio 508. Our gentlemen protagonists have kept us thoroughly busy. However proud of our achievements I am not at liberty to expand on the exact nature of our creation yet. The results of our efforts will in due time be made public in this forum.

The main reason for this post is to deliver the April download to all of you. I give you track no 2 from Plan for World Domination:

“Going Down in Style” (link now void)

The March download link for “Into the Void of My Mind” is now void.

In continual service of the Beast. All hail Septekh!

the staff

– The Staff