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Greetings from The Staff

Good day!

On behalf of the Septekh Staff I welcome you to this; The Septekh Blog.

Our job is to provide a sober, informed voice in this forum. To communicate rather than to confuse you poor readers with nonsense.

For a start I’d like to inform you, soberly, that this is still very much a site under construction. We at the Septekh Staff in collaboration with Studio 508 Productions and the wonderful Andreas Fogelqvist from People and Technology, plan to launch another three parts to the site in the up coming months. A heavy Discography page, a web-shop and a section on the 508. More detailed information will precede the release of each of these segments.

Secondly I’d like to add that for a full year following the publication of this site an mp3 from the Septekh discography will be made available for download, gratis, exclusively on this site through out each month. Starting in March 2015 with the opening track from Plan for World Domination, Into the Void of My Mind.

We are currently pushing the idea that the whole of the PFWD album would be a suitable gift for the Septekh fans out there. But the lads in the band have yet to see the potential in this.

We’ll keep at it.

the staff

– The Staff