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entrez monsieur GRZNLS!

Well there we are.
This is a forum for my unfettered expandings and ravings.
My overturned box in a street corner. My sandwich board.

You’re free to leave at anytime. I don’t adapt. I’m unadaptable.

Et Voila: Let me expand on The Beast.
He came to us first in the form of a pressing weight. An animal presence in the back seat of Davids piece of shit car on the ride back from our first weekend in Erik Forsbergs underground sanctum. It was 2009 and we had recorded a DEMO. And for the first time we got to listen to what we really had been playing all along in that damp, moldy, dump of a rehearsal space. And there he was. Sitting behind us. Impossibly huge, warm. Menacing.

We’ve gotten to know him better over the years. As the great pig of our dreams. Sharing his blood. As flitting, feline shapes around the 508. Walking the boundaries. As specters in the dark with Krügeresque knifed fingers. Prodding us to go on. To proceed in the face of impossibility. And I keep expecting the fear to loose it’s edge. Familiarity to set in.
But it never does.
In the deep places he made us. Just as we have made him. Up here on the surface.
He is our guide. Our judge. Our teratoid traveling companion.
He is Septekh.