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Blackened Swedish death/thrash metal music. Devoted live act in pursuit of the perfect gig. Alternately compared to Aura Noir, Satyricon, The Crown and Entombed. This is the sound of the beast, the language of Septekh.

Septekh, formed in 2008, has to date released two EPs and one generous full-length album. Three music videos have been created under their associated production group Studio 508 Productions, among which the celebrated WW1 zombie video for Burn It To The Ground and the newly released video for Superheated Liquid Iron Core. Dwelling in a little red house out on the island of Mörkö, the Studio 508 on the east coast of Sweden, the band is constantly at work refining their art.

“These guys seriously do not give even one hint of a fuck when it comes to unleashing their fury and with lyrics of such an unprecedented nature, you’ve not only got a beast that’s run rampant, but the remnants of a ravaged cage scattered about where it clawed its way to realms unparalleled in metal music.”

 – New Noise Magazine

“Give yourself to the Plan!”